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Characteristics of reusable silicone folded straws:

The straw of silicone of superior quality.
They come with a brush for easy cleaning: steel wire brush with nylon bristles. It ends in a ring to hang it.
Suitable for the dishwasher.
Reusable: they do not rust, they do not stain, they do not break.
Zero residues.


Material:food grade silicone + food grade PP + stainless steel straw brush
Uses: Include a foldable straw and brush for carrying
Size: Straight straw: 220*8.5mm Inner diameter: 6.4mm
Weight: Straight straw: 6.5g, BOX5 box 21g, straw brush 2g.
Color: quartz powder, turquoise, deep-sea blue, gray
Packing List:
1 pcs

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Blue, Green, Grey, Pink

68 reviews for Silicone Foldable Straw

  1. Brian Massey (verified owner)

    the reusable straws are exactly as advertised! they are super easy to use and carry around with you! It can be the slightest bit confusing your first time trying to put the cleaning part back in the case, but once you try it once and see how it goes back in it is super easy. I am super happy it came with two because I can take one in my purse and leave the other at home, or have one for myself and one for a friend. They are cute, easy, and exactly as advertised so I was very pleased with my decision to purchase!

  2. Amanda Holloway (verified owner)

    I like this straw a lot. I have been trying to use less disposable plastic so I got a bunch of different straws. This might be my favorite. It is small enough to keep in most bags, although there are slightly smaller ones out there if size is your primary concern. The silicone lining keeps the stainless from getting super hot or cold. The stainless provides support to make it easy to get the straw through lids compared to all silicone straws.

  3. Carrie Young (verified owner)

    I love it. No metal taste. Easy to clean, easy to store, easy to travel with.

  4. Henry Allen

    Easy to store, easy to clean. Been using them a lot the last week with no problems.

  5. Phoebe Richardson

    Definitely helpful and I like that it is reusable however my one issue with this product is that one of my two straws broke within days of having it. The metal separated from the inside rubber and I could not get it back on.

  6. Flora Mendoza (verified owner)

    I like the durability , little difficult to clean

  7. Ada Vega (verified owner)

    Convenient and shipped quickly

  8. Nettie Green

    I would recommend and buy again

  9. Roy Carlson (verified owner)

    I bring my lunch to work so having a foldable straw is pretty convenient. One of the best parts of it is it comes in a case with a carabiner so I can attach it to the outside of my bag so I don’t need to search for it. Also when it comes to cleaning there is a washing brush that also breaks down and fits in me tiny case. Overall it seems like a good quality product and it’s easy to transport so I would call this a great purchase.

  10. Martha Graham

    These stainless steel collapsible straws open and close without any issues, no leaking or sticking or anything. They come with a case and a carabiner to put together for you to carry around on your key ring or book bag or purse. I would suggest they include a jump ring though for ease of hooking them together. They have also included a long “stick” with a sort of stopper thing that you clean your straw with like a squeegee. It is also flexible for fitting inside the carry case. It’s pretty handy to have and is of good quality, plus it’s a 2 pack – My teenagers stole them immediately and haven’t used another plastic straw since.

  11. Olga Cunningham

    These straws are really convenient and easy to use. And at least I feel like I’m doing my part to help eliminate plastic from the environment. It seems that each time I use one (I have 2), someone in the restaurant comments on how they like it, so I think that’s a plus, too – might inspire others to buy! The packaging about the size of you index finger good quality is purchase again love the color

  12. Chester Holt (verified owner)

    I like the combo of silicone inner straw with the steel outer straw. This allows flexibility but also rigidity to push through cup lids when you need to. Easy enough to clean, comes with a little straw cleaner thing.

  13. Jerry Moody (verified owner)

    Nice two pack! These straws will help my efforts to go green, one less straw at a time. These straws are made from quality steel and come with nice compact cases. I am a fan, and will be purchasing another set!

  14. Jeremy Parker (verified owner)

    This is awesome, never need to worry if the restaurant is going plastic free! Easy to carry

  15. Lelia Cross

    Keeps each sip cold. Easy to carry and clean. I love these straws for drinks on the go.

  16. Johnny Gregory

    This is very convenient and everything is easily collapsible. I will buy more to give to my fam.

  17. Max Harper (verified owner)

    This straw is not cheaply made. I love the convenience of the compact size and it’s easy to clean.

  18. Warren Ross

    I bought the blue S5, and I didn’t want to cover it up. This was a perfect solution. I like the purple edge with my blue phone, and the front sticks out just enough to give me some screen protection without making it bulky.

  19. Esther Mcdaniel (verified owner)

    The case works. All button are accessible and the openings fit well. Got a small bubble under the shield protector that I could not get out but that is probably me.

  20. Caleb Fowler

    The case came promptly, exactly as ordered. It even came with an extra screen pen and a screen wiper that I did not expect. I would definitely not hesitate to order this again! 🙂

  21. Jacob Gill

    Very nice case. Love the smooth clear plastic and the solid snap on fit. Works better than the pricey one I bought from the cell phone store. Was an added benefit that it came with a screen protector and stylus.

  22. Inez Berry (verified owner)

    Works great! And it allows the color of my phone to show.

  23. Clayton Coleman (verified owner)

    Perfect case as its not too bulky but still protects the phone. I will definitely be buying more of these! the screen protector is really nice too. Doesnt give a glossy or dull look to the screen. Fits perfect and you cant even tell its on!

  24. Douglas Francis

    Love the case. Its exactly how it looks. I’ve dropped my phone a few times and its taken the blow!

  25. Charlotte Marsh

    My order came very quickly and it was exactly what I was expecting. Great quality case.

  26. Alma Simpson

    My case was delivered very quickly! Love the slim look/feel. Looks awesome! And it came in a nice resealable, reusable bag. LOVE IT

  27. Alvin Moss

    Just perfect, will definitly order in another color!!!

  28. Elizabeth Castro (verified owner)

    Product was exactly what i was expecting and i received it promptly.

  29. Cora Ingram (verified owner)

    Great Product Overall

  30. Harriet Wagner (verified owner)

    My GF loves it good quality

  31. Trevor Waters

    Love this case! I really like the look of the back of the s5 so I wanted a clear case with just a little bit of color and this is perfect. Also I love that it’s not bulky. Like that it came with a screen protector too

  32. Leila Banks

    I have about 5 different reusable straws, but just received this one as a gift, and now it’s practically the only one I use. The capsule it comes in has a ring to attach to my keys, AirPods, and my Hydroflask so there’s never any worry about where to put it, and it’s small and compact.

  33. Vernon Shaw (verified owner)

    This is the best plastic straw replacement I’ve tried yet. The single-use options I’ve tried (paper, bamboo) haven’t worked very well, glass is fragile (and relatively thick for strength, meaning the two I’ve tried had either too small a fluid passage or too large a diameter for a comfortable mouth feel), and the other metal straws I’ve tried (not sure if stainless steel or aluminium, neither was telescoping) got very cold very rapidly in an iced drink (and one had too large a diameter to be comfortable).

  34. John Lynch (verified owner)

    This straw has a mouth segment that is, as far as I can tell, the same diameter as standard plastic straws, with a comparable fluid channel, so the size and suction pressure/flow rate feel right. It doesn’t conduct heat as well as the other metal straws I’ve tried – I suspect that the telescoping design disrupts heat transfer a little at the segment breaks – so it’s more comfortable to use with iced drinks. It’s definitely the most comfortable to use I’ve tried – it still feels like metal, of course, but it’s more similar to the plastic straws it’s replacing than the others I’ve tried.

  35. Cynthia Sanchez (verified owner)

    It feels sturdy, though I didn’t rate durability because I haven’t done anything that might damage it yet; the collapsible design and hard case mean I’m unlikely to wind up accidentally bending it with enough force to deform the metal or accidentally putting anything heavy on it that can crush it, and the case protects it (and the brush) well in my bike bags (I’m sure the same goes for a pocket, purse, etc.).

  36. Landon Henry

    Cleaning is a little involved (and more so than a fixed-length straw), though the brush helps – one will want to thoroughly wash both the inside and outside, especially after any sugary drinks, as the segments can get sticky and difficult to move otherwise. When I use it at restaurants, I’ll rinse it in the bathroom after the meal and then wash with soap and water when I get home, which has worked well. I don’t recommend a telescoping design if you’re the sort of person who leaves dishes for several days – or even just one full day – and then cleans a bunch at once, rather than cleaning them right after use, because this straw works best when cleaned promptly after use. When drying, I recommend collapsing and re-extending the straw once to clear residual water out from the segment seams, which can then be wiped off with a dry towel, before packing it back in its case.

  37. Elsie Garcia (verified owner)

    While I certainly haven’t tried every straw out there, I like this one, and I recommend it without reservation if it’s the style of straw you want. There are unavoidable trade-offs between things like materials and fixed-length versus telescoping; this straw is an excellent model of its type.

  38. Alexander Cunningham (verified owner)

    After researching the reusable straw, I am so happy that I found this beautiful telescopic straw! The rose gold case and straw are well constructed and I love it’s portable and compact enough that I can bring it wherever I go. The way it’s designed, it’s super chic and stylish than most of the collapsible straws I’ve seen on the market. Since I live in a coastal community, many restaurants in my neighborhood don’t provide any plastic straws. Having a reusable straw with me is definitely handy. I can also see this as a great gift option for any of my Eco-conscious friends as well. Overall, great purchase and I am going to buy more for sure.

  39. Norman Walsh (verified owner)

    I really want to use reusable straws more (and I HATE paper straws), so it’s time to spend some dough on doing the right thing! The other challenge is doing this when out and about. Eco straws are the perfect solution! They seem to be one of the first companies to market with a high quality solution with a great carrying case! Slim enough to fit inside my purse and not be a nuisance. Really impressed with the feel and function. I bought one for my mom as well!

  40. Keith King (verified owner)

    I didn’t need 5 straws and a brush. One foldable straw with the brush inside and a small carrying case would do it. Also, it needed to be built to last a long time. I’m really only wanting one forever straw. This one looks like it’s just what I wanted.

  41. Micheal Gregory (verified owner)

    The packaging on this straw is solid and we appreciated the fact that the cap screws on instead of pops on and off. The straw collapses into the perfect size for stashing into a pocket if you don’t want to put it on your keychain. And we feel good about reducing waste!

  42. Lloyd Wright (verified owner)

    I’m loving this new straw. The amount of compliments you can get on it too! It’s starting to become more common and people are talking about these things. I think it goes to show that we can use branding and products for good things in this world. This is a really good way to retrace our footprints and make sure we’re cleaning up the mess we make. It’s ridiculous the amount of waste we can consume as people. This is one step we can make! You really can’t go wrong purchasing something like this!

  43. Warren West (verified owner)

    After reading about the ridiculous number of plastic straws being dumped into our oceans and seeing the pictures of them in turtles and fish, etc. I decided I would not use them anymore, so ordered 2 sets of the straws and always carry one in my purse. (Yes, I recycle too). The carrying case is so convenient and the straw is so easy to extend or collapse it back so that it can go back into the container. The brush (comes with the container and collapsible straw) does the job of cleaning the inside of the straw easily and using the brush from both ends of the straw assures it gets clean. It’s an amazing product. I think these make great gifts, especially for the environmentally conscious folks out there. When I order something from a drive through window establishment now, I tell them NO STRAW.

  44. Melvin Butler

    I ordered the rose gold one for me to put in my laptop bag, as I travel over 50% of the year for work. My daughter was skeptical, but I kept sending her pics and people commented on the straw. I absolutely love it and one day she said I want one to help the turtles. This straw is just simply amazing.

  45. Mollie Mann (verified owner)

    Only con is that since it slides into each other to collapse – if not full dry when you collapse the moisture gets trapped, but I just wash it away when I get to the hotel and let it dry. My daughter got charcoal color and loves hers.

  46. Cynthia Lyons (verified owner)

    Decided to buy this straw on earth day to do my part in stopping use of plastic straws . Great pocket size capsule size holder that can attach to keychain & or put in pocket. Comes with cleaning brush & can be adjusted to fit any size Dunkin drink.

  47. Mayme Cross (verified owner)

    this straw is great! i was planning on purchasing the folding Finalstraw, but i wasn’t too excited about spending $20+ on one. so i took to amazon to find something cheaper, and settled on this! it doesn’t feel cheap at all and has a really good weight to it. it expands and retracts easily but doesn’t move on its own. i had a feeling it might have issues with suction but so far it hasn’t. my only complaint is that it’s hard to dry once it’s cleaned, but that isn’t something that can be improved so i’m not too mad! i usually just let it air dry overnight and then fold it back up the next day. bonus points for plastic-free packaging!!

  48. Henry Hodges (verified owner)

    Straw arrived as promised and appears to be what I wanted. Fit on telescoping pieces is tight and works well fully extended. I can’t speak for durability at this time but would buy again based on current performance.

  49. Mario Austin

    This straw is amazing. It’s small and easy to carry on you. It’s stylish and easy to clean. I tried it on a Frappuccino and it worked fine. The drink did get a little frozen and I slurped so hard I retracted the straw up lol. A minor inconvenience to help save our oceans. Plus it was kinda funny. This would be a great gift to any eco friendly people you may know. It feels good rejecting those silly plastic straws and whipping out your stainless steel wand!

  50. Melvin Owen (verified owner)

    Love this product! It arrived sooner than expected, in time for my vacation so it came along for the trip. It was very compact to throw into my purse. And the storage case holds it cleanly after use, so you don’t need to worry about putting it away after use when it’s dirty.

  51. Seth Jordan (verified owner)

    The only concern I have is the drying time time as it’s a quick wash sometimes before I head out so it doesn’t have time to dry…just do not want to see mold or bacteria. But that is not specific to this product, that is more general of the straw concept itself.

  52. Joe Douglas (verified owner)

    The extendable cleaning device is really good as well so far with the cleaning.

  53. Gary Mccoy (verified owner)

    This review is for the telescoping stainless steel straw (not the folding straw lined with silicone). I am very impressed with this product. It comes in a very nice metal case with a screw on top which will not come off while in your purse or bag. It also comes with a cleaning straw that also telescopes and can be stored inside the straw when it’s in the carry case. The straw can be adjusted to fit various size cups and is easy to clean using the brush provided. It’s solidly made, as long as I don’t lose it I think it should last a long time. Highly recommend!

  54. Mary Logan

    I purchased these telescoping stainless steel drinking straws because my family loves to go camping and hiking. These straws are compact and extend to drink out of a large fast food cup! These straws are durable and ultra handy with the telescoping cleaning utensil that comes with each straw. I am very pleased with my purchase and look forward to taking them with us on our next adventure! I also love the carrying tube that they come in. Very handy for putting in a pocket or an outer flap of a rucksack for easy retrieval.

  55. Jayden Brock (verified owner)

    I love the the fact that it is small enough to carry with ease and I don’t worry about breaking it! I had been on the look out for just this type of straw and hadn’t been able to find one until now. I’m a happy girl!!!

  56. Christopher Morgan (verified owner)

    this is a surprisingly-durable collapsible straw! I like that it’s in a container that can be clipped to a keychain or carabiner. It’s easy to remember to use a non-disposable straw when it’s fun to use a product like this. It’s also very easy to clean with the included scrub brush. I bought this on a whim but have been so happy with it that I’ve recommended it to a lot of people.

  57. Jeffery Collier (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a good reusable straw for a while and I finally found it. It’s easy to use and clean and the compactness and ease of carrying are great. I keep mine on my keys to ensure I am never without it!

  58. Willie Beck

    Intresting gadget, not only is it a straw, but it can be used as a bellows to start a fire. Good craftmanship, nice container to carry the straw and brush. Very good for deep woods hiking or camping. Love it!

  59. Sally Gibson

    This collapsible straw is great! I having been looking for a collapsible straw that I can travel with and this is perfect. I love that it has a cleaning brush that fits perfectly in the container so I can give it a quick clean when I’m at work or on the go. And their customer service is amazing. Although I didn’t have any problems with my order, they reached out to make sure I received my order. Highly recommend this product and this company.

  60. Mabel Perez (verified owner)

    Ordered this to replace the little foldable ones that come in a plastic keychain box. MUCH better! Those were so cheaply made they didn’t function but this is sturdy and basic and will last forever. It is a little stiff to open and close, but I think it will loosen up some with use. The carrying case is metal, much less cumbersome, and the brush is good quality too. I will be ordering more!

  61. Jesse Nichols

    Loving the convenience of this straw. I’m a mom on the go who also tries to do her small part in recycling and saving the planet from needless waste. This makes ditching plastic straws infinitely easier! Plus, I find the handy carry case helps me remember to bring it home and not leave it in a restaurant cup as I’ve done before.

  62. Hester Gilbert

    Who knew sustainability & eco friendliness could be so easy! Love the small design & ease of cleaning. Not sure why some people have issues with their teeth but I was taught how to use a straw/ glass & have never had issues with banging my teeth on either (SMH). Get this, you won’t be sorry…best part, it fits in those small, compact purses!

  63. Clyde Phillips (verified owner)

    I really needed a new travel straw and after using one that came in a travel bag this was a pleasant surprise. The telescoping aspect of it is a game changer, it has enough resistance so you can choose to set it at any length am instead of short or fully extended. Also the case is very discrete and looks genuinely pretty good.

  64. Chester Burke (verified owner)

    first time buying a reusable straw and I’m very glad that I made the decision to get this one. I enjoy that the ends are a bit rounded so it feels smoother on the lips when drinking. My favorite part about this straw is the case, I love that it is pretty sleek and not bulky on my keychain. I plan on buying another soon for my husband or maybe another one for myself. I think the only downside is I wish there were more fun colors !

  65. Leon Berry (verified owner)

    I bought this for myself and a coworker of mine because plastic straws are terrible lol. Not reqlly, but we were really annoyed by them. I found these little guys and they’re super amazing! My only thing is that the container squeaks a smidge when you’re opening and closing, but otherwise I really love them. No hassle to clean them either! No weird “metallic” or :”tinny” taste. Good stuff.

  66. Warren Terry

    This straw is amazing! You can honest take it anywhere. It can fit in medium clothes any purse and also attach to your keychain or even your back pocket. It works so well and I love the cleaning attachment it has on the inside. By far my favorite for many reasons.

  67. Bettie Hunt (verified owner)

    Prácticos para llevar en el bolso en estuche para una mayor higiene y evitar que las cosas de mi bolso se mojen

  68. Raymond Bradley (verified owner)

    My son wanted a reusable straw now that the new trend is to save the sea turtles. I’m glad he wants to be part of a change to use less plastic. The straw is cool looking and as of now, durable. It comes with a brush to clean it inside.

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