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Hello from beautiful Orlando — and thanks for finding Steel My Straws! Our idea was born in 2017 as an initiative of Audrey Martin. We chose the viral turtle and the straw as our symbols: on the one hand the sea turtle as an emblem of the wild and free life, and on the other hand the plastic straw, as one of the examples of ridiculous, unnecessary and dispensable plastics. They pose a serious problem for the ocean life. We intend to raise awareness about the excessive consumption of single-use plastics. Objects such as plastic straws, which are what give name to the project, have a “useful” life of 10 minutes but end up becoming elements that never degrade and that contribute a huge load of polluting garbage to seas and oceans.

For more than a decade we’ve been a trusted wholesale supplier of reusable, food-grade, stainless steel straws, drink-ware and food containers to influential buyers in the food & beverage industry and leaders in the zero waste movement.

Our mission is to help bulk buyers minimize global plastic waste and pollution by providing viable, reusable, customized product alternatives that rethink wasteful systems and help end our addiction to harmful single-use plastic.

Zero Waste Supplies

We’re among the original wholesale suppliers of custom steel drinking straws in North America. Our acclaimed Steel My Straws line includes dozens of practical, stylish, retail-quality reusable straws at exceptional pricing. We’re proud to collaborate with and supply product to influential sustainability organizations, high-profile festivals and events, music artists and tours, municipal buyers, leading brands, and responsible businesses of all kinds and sizes on programs to cut plastic waste.

Steel My Straws specializes in drinking straws that can be personalized with your unique branding or laser engraved message (on bulk orders). We deliver direct to you from our factory within 25 days. We also ship out blank straws from our California warehouse within just a few days. Our full line of steel straws are typically printed to your specifications and bulk shipped within 2 weeks.

Made from top-quality, #304 food-grade stainless steel, SteelMyStraws look great, are built to last a lifetime, and help the planet by keeping single-use waste from our landfills, oceans, and natural environment.

Steel My Straws vets its factory partners for social, environmental, and product safety compliance, and we carefully review each order before it ships. All of our products are tested to be 100% BPA-free, Phthalate-free, FDA-approved and California Prop 65 compliant. Each piece is made of pure, unlined stainless steel that is easy to clean, and resistant to odors, stains, bacteria, rust and oxidation.

Sensible, Stylish & Sustainable

Steel My Straws is inspired by Strawless Ocean, an independently-owned, green-certified product company that manufactures and sources products with a focus on design, durability, health, and the environment.

From Instagram, we want to raise awareness about this big problem, sharing current information on waste management policies, sustainable alternatives or how plastic affects marine fauna, and also creating outreach campaigns through beach cleanups, collaborations with artists and the campaign of “premises without straw” to make a social call in favor of the change of habits before the consumption of plastics of a single use.
We have had decades of experience in product design, manufacturing, and print production, and have pioneered the creation of eco-conscious private label merchandise for successful brands, events, and outreach campaigns. Steel My Straws can ship custom straw orders, factory-direct, to almost any location in the world.

Our experience, knowledge and commitment to sustainability has enabled us to establish this practical, best-of-category reusable steel drinking straw collection. We’re constantly developing new products based on feedback and requests from our incredibly knowledgeable customer base.

Steel My Straws products can be reused for years, passed forward to others, and fully recycled at the end of their useful life. They make a statement about your brand while encouraging healthy hydration and more sustainable ways of living.

We love what we do, and we’re honored to be a trusted supplier to so many amazing sustainable businesses and organizations. Let’s work together and be part of the solution.

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