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Type: Bar AccessoriesMaterial: Stainless SteelCertification: CE / EU, CIQBar Accessories Type: Drinking StrawsFeature: Stocked, Eco-FriendlyColor: blue, black, rose, gold, rose gold features: Lead-free, non-toxic, easy to clean straws, thick

About the product
  • We offer soft silicone straw covers for each metal drinking straw, which protect your teeth from contact with the metal or from extremely hot and cold temperatures. They are made with food-grade materials and come in eight different colors for maximum enjoyment of your drinks.
  • High quality and eco-friendly. Made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, FDA Approved, BPA Free, Lead-Free. these metal drinking straws are reusable and washable, Helps protect our oceans, rivers, and marine life. Never buy plastic straws again!
  • Our stainless steel straws fit with Ozark can use these stainless steel straws to drink milk, coffee, ice tea, cocktail, and other beverage, they will add fun to any party, a good choice for restaurants, bars, picnics, BBQ and cocktail party.
  • Your Satisfaction is our Highest Priority, contact us firstly if you have any question.

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Black with bag, Black with box, Gold with box, Multicolor no box, Multicolor with bag, Multicolor with box, Purple with bag, Red with box, Rose Gold no box, Rose Gold with box, Silver with bag, Silver with box

15 reviews for Stainless Steel Straws Set

  1. May Bailey

    Plastic straws have been banned where I live in CA. I had previously purchased stainless straws without the silicone ends. They were good but I knew when I saw these that they were a better choice. Pick your color & use the same straw all the time! No guessing if it’s yours or some other family members’. Wish they sold just the silicone tips!

  2. Jeff Mack

    There is nothing I dislike about these straws. There are very good very well made and being paralyzed they make it so much easier on me to drink. I appreciate you for selling these straws thank you. Plus I got a lot more straws for my money. Awesome awesome awesome!

  3. Teresa Walters

    I like the brush to clean straws with, the straws are nice but very small in circumference so they don’t work with anything with a even a little thickness like my smoothies. It’s a good deal, get a lot of different length straws and shaped straws with a lot of the rubber sleeves. If not for not being able to use with thicker items, these would have been given 5 stars.

  4. Maria Simpson (verified owner)

    The package came with all items listed in the description. I saw some say that the brushes were too small but they seem like a great size for the straws. The reason I gave it a low rating is because the package I received did not have any identifying labels on it (like the packaging shown in the photos), other than listing made in China. I do not know if what I received is actually FDA approved as lead free or BPA free.

  5. Melvin Payne (verified owner)

    I use at least one straw a day and even though I recycle, it was still bothering me. I purchased these and have been using them for about a week. I thought they’d be bulky or a pain to clean, but nope! I love them and the silacone toppers keep them from banging on my teeth. Great product!

  6. Tillie Barber (verified owner)

    We all know that plastic straws will end up in the ocean and damage our precious eco system, and especially those poor sea animals who wind up getting them stuck on their bodies or inside their bodies. So, I am glad that companies are making more of these reusable straws. I chose the stainless steel straws with the silicone tips because I bought these for my son and the students at school I teach. The softer tip makes it easier for those who can’t handle or are unaccustomed to a metal tip on their mouth. If you don’t mind it, then you don’t need the silicone tip. That is, if the silicone/rubbery feel makes it feel strange, then you’re probably better off using the straw as is

  7. Jeremiah Christensen (verified owner)

    As for cleaning the straws and tip, I put my straw in the dishwasher in hot setting and it has washed well so far. No damage as I assume stainless steel is suppose to be a very tough material. I hesitate to wash the tip in the dishwasher though so I just wash it by hand. But because I don’t normally use the straw with the tip, the first time washing it was fine for me. However, it also depends on what you’re drinking. I suppose if you’re drinking clear liquid then it’d be fairly easy to clean. But if you’re drinking something like a smoothie or even chocolate milk, you’d need to get a deeper cleaning. Luckily it does come with a little brush though so that could be useful.

  8. Christina Vargas

    Yes it’s easy to clean being that the packs include brushes. It’s very durable. Like that it came with the colorful rubber tips. Easy for when you’re using them to know who’s drink is who’s. It even comes with extra colorful rubber tips. I don’t know if the colorful rubber tips are safe. So I won’t put my lips on them. I slide them down a bit further & use them to distinguish who’s cup is who’s.

  9. Etta Santiago

    I drink a lot of water when I go out to dinner/bars. Got tired of just throwing straw after straw away. Bought these on once I saw it came with cleaner and silicon tips. People thought it was weird when I would bring out this metal straw, but now ask me if I can give them one. Great purchase if you are looking to get some re-usable straws for home or on the go.

  10. Curtis Blair (verified owner)

    The choice of sizes is awesome. The choice of colors of rubber tips is awesome. We also really like the 2 different styles (straight and bent). The quantity offered for the price was awesome and we were able to share throughout the house. We love the rubber tips for several reasons. One is that it protects your mouth and teeth from the harshness of the metal of the straw. Two it is perfect for those that are chewers and smash up the plastic straw type. Having the brushes to clean the straw well is also a plus. We would definitely order again.

  11. Harriett Davidson (verified owner)

    Way more than I needed, permanent straws you do not need a lot of. And the diameter is pretty small, definitely more a sipping straw. And the bent ones are too bent but I was able to unbend them some to a more practical angle.

  12. Ricky Mitchell (verified owner)

    I did like all the silicone sleeves, good as markers and good to protect your teeth from chomping on the metal. They are soft and you get two per straw.

  13. Willie Hayes

    I have never before used a liquid delivery system that is as simple and effective as this non-linear metal tube through which all manner of delicious nutrients may be transported with very little effort. Once I stopped biting down on the metal tube and applied the colorful silicone teeth protectors, my teeth stopped breaking every time I used them, and the cosmetic dentistry that was required is a small price to pay for SAVING THE PLANET! My life, and indeed, the lives of thousands of sea birds and hundreds of thousands of innocent sea creatures might have been so different if I had found this product in my youth and learned how unnecessary traditional liquid delivery systems truly are.

  14. Gordon Shelton (verified owner)

    I loved the fact that there were a variety of sizes and different kinds of straws. I liked that they had covers for the straws too. When you’re outside in a polluted environment, it’s great to know that gook isn’t getting in to your straws, and your drink! The brushes are a plus, and they easily clean the straws. These straws are great to have and they can easily travel with you. You’ll never use a paper straw again!

  15. Scott Doyle (verified owner)

    I like the size of the straws, perfect for our everyday cups. I love that it came with the rubber tips, it make drinking from these straws much more comfortable and they slip on and off easily for cleaning. Easy to clean, the pipe cleaner they supply is helpful after we drink smoothies. I much prefer these to plastic disposable straws and plastic resusable ones. These are much more durable and don’t need to worry about cracking or warping from the dish washer. I am happy with my buy and would recommend these.

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