Organic Bamboo Straws (4 piece set)

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The natural alternative to plastic straws! Made with 100% wild bamboo. The product is peeled in a special process, which prevents splinters. In this way, it is thinner and lighter.

Bamboo straws can be rinsed by hand or put in the dishwasher. The stems can also be boiled in water with vinegar for about 10 minutes.

Material: BambooCertification: SGS, CIQBar Accessories Type: Drinking StrawsFeature: Reusable and durable Eco-friendly bamboo strawsSizes: 15/20/24 cm

  • ✔️ THE BEST CHOICE OF DRINKING STRAWS FOR KIDS & ADULTS – This beautiful set of 10 organic bamboo straws originate are reusable, biodegradable and natural. Steel My Straws bamboo straws are extremely strong and durable by nature, and contain NO inks or dyes. Not only do they look great, but they are practical too. These are the great alternative to plastic straws as well as the other straws.
  • ✔️ PROTECTING YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR FAMILY FROM TOXIC AND CHEMICAL: Why green straws? We refuse to use inks, dyes and bleach in our bamboo drinking straws – inks, dyes and bleaches can be harmful to you, your family and friends – your safety and health are our top priority!
  • ✔️ BECOME AN ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS PERSON – As parents, DID YOU KNOW in the U.S we use over 500 MILLION plastic drinking straws per day, that is enough plastic waste to wrap the entire circumference of the earth two and a half times! By using these reusable, biodegradable, plant based drinking straws you are helping the environment by reducing plastic waste. PLEASE TAKE THE FIRST STEP TO PROTECT THE EARTH!
  • ✔️ THE Steel My Straws MISSION: When you buy Steel My Straws bamboo straws, you are joining the Steel My Straws mission to eliminate every single plastic straw waste! Our business rule is “100% Satisfaction or Money Back – No Questions Asked” and let us know! Click ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Buy now’!
  • ✔️ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We assure with this card, you will perfectly surprise any recipients with a 100% SATISFACTION. If you are unsatisfied with this item for any reason, please contact us promptly, we will immediately send you a replacement or refund your purchase price. Click ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Buy now’!

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15 reviews for Organic Bamboo Straws (4 piece set)

  1. Donald Soto (verified owner)

    These are great!! A++ I’d say! I know on some other brands people were complaining that the openings were not big enough, almost like they were not finished drilling them or something, I have to recommend these to those people. The openings are all big enough and all consistent. There are about 3 sizes in width and all are the same 8″ in length. Plus the little coconut fiber brush…super nice. I know I saw some other brands that had the plastic fiber brush….smh. I just got them a day ago and I put them to use right away and have saved me the trouble of having to reapply my lipstick 100 times a day since I don’t use plastic straws. There are 10 pieces which is plenty, I put 2 in my purse, 3 in my car and 5 at home. Only would love to see some that are maybe 10″ because they are just a tad bit too short for the cups that are about the same size as the Starbucks Venti. But overall great product!

  2. Charlotte Stone

    I love this product and find myself using my bamboo straw almost every day. I had heard about straws’ impact on the environment and marine life and also wanted to stop using plastic cutlery. I’m not a very “granola” person, but I thought switching to bamboo was a small easy difference I could make. I bought a bamboo cutlery set in a pouch from amazon that came with chopsticks and removed the chopsticks and replaced them with a bamboo straw. This small pouch fits even in my cross body bag and I never have to use plastic. I have since offered the combo of the bamboo cutlery and these straws to at least 12 people with rave reviews. This a great quality product that is remarkably affordable.

  3. Steven Horton (verified owner)

    I am one of those people who are trying to eliminate their plastic usage and stopping using plastic straws while out and at home. The case is small enough to where I can bring all of the straws and not have to worry about it being too bulky in my bag. I love these and they are super easy to clean. Anyone who is looking for a reusable straw I think this it a great set to get

  4. Alejandro Fields

    Excited to find this earth-friendly alternative to plastic straws. Especially pleased that a cleaning brush is included, as well as a little drawstring bag to keep everything together.

  5. Christine Franklin

    I like that these are as natural as you can get. My daughter likes them thus far (it’s only been a few days though). My only complaint is that I wish there were washing instructions included (I looked up online) and also, one of my straws came broken (squashed and cracked).

  6. Sophia Pierce (verified owner)

    This product came with ZERO plastic packaging! Wonderful straws and I absolutely love that the cleaner is coconut instead of plastic! I love these! Defiantly softer than metal so you won’t chip your teeth either!

  7. Loretta Ballard (verified owner)

    As an environmental major I love these. More sustainable than regular straws. Can really make a difference by not using plastic straws everyday. But it could only be me, be weary I’ve already accidentally threw one away with my drink. You have to get used to it. But all in all the idea and invention is spectacular for the environment and I love it.

  8. Allie Ray (verified owner)

    Recently, my wife told me about the initiative to stop using plastic straws. It’s a waste of plastic, bad for the environment and easy enough to do without. Little commitment, big impact hopefully. So now I don’t use straws at home or when we eat out. But recently I bought a couple of Tiki cups. Well, you have to have straws to complete the trip to the islands. I ordered these cause they fit the vibe and they were reusable. They come in a nice little canvas-tied bag. There are a variety of sizes. You could use some for bubble tea if you like. Full disclosure, I’ve used them a couple of times and they do have a slight taste like what you can imagine bamboo tastes like. Part of the tiki experience and not really an issue.

  9. Lulu Burton

    My bamboo straws just arrived! Given that Mother Nature made them, there are slight variations in sizes. I’ve been using stainless steel straws for a while and while I like those as well, I like how the bamboo feels on my lips and teeth. Even though paper straws have gotten more sophisticated, they are still paper which I worry use too many resources and I hate how paper feels on my lips. So, I think bamboo is the way to go now; highly renewable, lightweight, feels good on lips and teeth and reusable.

  10. Nettie Mack (verified owner)

    Came in perfect condition! I don’t use straws as much but having little ones who do use them often, I have found this to be a simple alternative for plastic straws. Easy to clean too and durable (the kids have tried to break them) Do not regret buying.

  11. Alice Myers (verified owner)

    These straws are solid, strong, and very smooth. They came in a variety of diameters, which is great for facilitating selection of the perfect straw for the drink. I am very pleased with these straws, and shall not be using plastic straws in the future.

  12. Justin Jones

    I felt so bad using plastic straws knowing what they did to the environment and didn’t realize they couldn’t really be recycled. So I found these and they are perfect! they come in a sweet package to hold them in so they don’t get scattered in the drawer and they’re taste free with different size openings. I love them! thank you!

  13. Teresa Hunter (verified owner)

    My daughter has to drink green juice and was using plastic which really bothered me as she is drinking the juice due to health issues so it only made sense to go with healthy straws. Was happy to see that even though they are all the same length they vary in diameter size. My daughter enjoys washing them with the cute little brush that came with the straws.

  14. Lelia Phelps (verified owner)

    I like the straws’ sustainability. There are many sizes to choose from depending on individual needs/desires and maybe viscosity of the drink. If I had to find a “con” it would be that I would love to have a taller bamboo straw that could work with my travel container. However, this does not diminish my enjoyment over these clever bamboo straws. They are beautiful and I feel good making a contribution toward cleaning up the planet.

  15. Harriett Day (verified owner)

    Gave as gift, so I have not used. Packaged nicely in a cloth drawstring bag for gift giving. The bamboo straws were smooth inside and out and felt good in hand. Would purchase this product again from seller.

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