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500 million plastic straws are dumped every day in America – harming sea life and polluting our ocean. Switch to our reusable stainless steel straws to replace plastic straws forever. Join the movement.

Stainless Steel is a healthy, light & unbreakable metal, easily sterilized and usable both with both hot and cold liquids. Stainless steel straws are therefore durable and reliable. Practical & nomadic, they slip everywhere in a small case. Switch to our stainless steel straws and together, we can do our part for our (still) beautiful oceans.

Maintenance –

Reusable straws are very easy to wash. After use, pass them under a trickle of water and soap them with a brush provided for this purpose. Our straws can also be used in the dishwasher. Once cleaned, the straws should be allowed to air dry and stored away from dust in a holster or drawer.

Usage Advice –

Do not leave a toddler alone with his straw. The child must remain seated while sipping a drink. Take care that your children do not drink while walking, to avoid any risk of falling. Our straws are suitable for sipping the most acidic juices (tomatoes, lemon, etc.), both in cold and warm form.

About the product –
  • EXTRA LONG & FIT FOR ALL SIZE TUMBLERS: 2 straight straws of 10.5″, 2 bent straws of 10.03″ and 1 cleaning brush for 20oz tumblers or 30oz tumblers. Perfect for you to enjoy your cold bevarage, sipping cocktail, coffee, ice tea, cappuccino etc
  • TOP FOOD-GRADE 18/8 304 STAINLESS STEEL: MADE of top food grade 304 stainless steel, the straws are the natural choice for everyone, which is BPA free, plastic free, no metal aftertaste, no oxidation, colorfast, dishwasher safe, reusable and environmentally friendly. One set of steel straws can be used for years to come – replacing hundreds or thousands of plastic straws
  • PORTABLE & MULTI – FUNCTIONAL: Modern and sleek design, this stainless straws is easy to carry. These straws look equally beautiful in a cocktail or a smoothie, which add fun to any party, trendy for family reunion, girls night out,cocktail party, picnics, boating and so on.
  • 1 FREE SCRUB BRUSH & EASY TO CLEAN: Come with 1 special scrub brush, with this banister brush, you can clean your straws more easily and never worry about hurting your straws. You can also hang the brush easily by its annulus at the end. To clean the straws, you just need to hold the handle of the brush and let nylon bristles come into the straws, the brush is of the perfect size for these straws
  • ECO-FRIENDLY, REUSABLE, REDUCE PLASTIC POLLUTION: No more plastic straws – ever! To protect our earth, we should use this stainless steel straws instead of plastic fast food packaging containers, to protect the environment, reduce the white pollution.

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Black Bendable, Black Straight, Gold Bendable, Gold Straight, Neon Bendable, Neon Straight, Rose Gold Bendable, Rose Gold Straight, Silver Bendable, Silver Straight

65 reviews for Stainless Steel Straws (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

  1. Jack Robertson

    I just love these straws. It’s a great pack including the larger ones for protein smoothies.

  2. Edgar French (verified owner)

    I Love these, Everything seems to taste so much cleaner or fresher – it’s hard to describe. I originally purchased them to drink my lemon water so the acid from the lemons would not ruin the enamel on my teeth. However, I now drink most everything from them (especially cold). It just tastes so much better.

  3. Lottie Luna

    I’m also very impressed with this company. The package arrived ahead of schedule and their follow up communication to make sure you are happy with your order was welcoming. I am actually ordering a few more packages of these straws for friends.

  4. Lelia Shaw

    I purchased these to make good on my pledge to cut my use of single-use plastic straws. I didn’t need a huge set of multiple straws, so the set of 4 works well for my needs. I keep one of each shape in my bag for going out and one set for home use. They are smooth and do not have any rough edges on the ends as some less expensive models have. Their ends are rolled inward. They do not have any weird smell or give off any sort of metallic taste. They are just what I was looking for. This company also makes other products from food-grade stainless. I recommend these straws to anyone who is interested in an environmentally friendly solution to single-use plastic straws. I also plan to give these as gifts to those I know who also are interested in using less plastic. The straws are available in different lengths and diameters, so you can match them to your drinking glass/container height and the thickness of your beverage. I purchased the TALL because most of my glassware and travel containers are tall.

  5. William Jensen

    Good quality. Specifically ordered these as they are guaranteed food grade, and have nice rounded edges for sipping through. Being an environmentalist, I don’t actually use straws almost ever (the odd purchased smoothie once in many months), and bought these more for helping my dental cleanings to last longer. I use them for drinking dark colored liquids, and things high in acidic content.

  6. Margaret Carpenter (verified owner)

    I have been using my steel straws since I got them. I prefer the smaller bent ones because I mainly drink ice water, but the thicker ones will be great if I go back to drinking smoothies. I love that I can use these & clean them out with the included brush & not add to the plastic pollution problem. I was using hard plastic straws previously & would put them through the dishwasher & try to clean inside with paper towels. Eventually I would end up getting rid of them & buying new. These straws will pay for themselves in no time.

  7. Paul Reid

    Perfect size as they are more like plastic straws. Clean easily and use them instead of the smaller ones I’ve ordered in the past.

  8. Kenneth Graves

    I LOVE these straws and LOVE the brush that comes with it. They are exactly what I wanted and expect them to be. And I believe they are made in the USA. I really try to look for things not made in China. I am trying not to use plastic straws as it’s not good for our bodies or the environment. And it feels luxurious using it at home for my drinks and water. It’s awesome. Get it.

  9. Lettie Davis

    These things are great. There is enough plastic in the oceans already. Been using some of these for about a month and bought these as a gift. That’s how much I like them. If everybody would take a small step to save the planet….. Who knows what we could do. Highly recommended.

  10. Ivan Turner

    This is a great deal for these straws! My friend paid more than this for just one straw in a store and I got 4! It is nice there are two diameter sizes and two thin ones are bent. Love them. Just need to get used to the fact stainless steel gets really cold in a cold drink and have not used in a hot drink

  11. Alice Nunez (verified owner)

    If I a can do one small thing each day to help clean up the planet I feel it will make a difference. I am glad to have purchased this alternative to plastic and paper straws. They work very well and without waste! I am happy to recommend these stainless steel straws!

  12. Francisco Goodman

    Just what I was looking for! I have a variety of stainless straws and also utilize the silicone tips for dental protection. Quality stainless straws are a must for our household. I send them home with guests sometimes, so I’ll need to reorder periodically.

  13. Luke Blake

    I got these straws for my boyfriend to use in his large Yeti’s. He couldn’t find straws long enough to fit in them. He found out very quickly that you can’t drink hot coffee with the metal directly so he cut the end of a plastic straw and put it on the tip and it works fine. The other straight straw he uses in his other Yeti with ice water. He is really glad that I got these straws for him.

  14. Alta Obrien

    Ordered stainless steel tall straws. Arrived on time in perfect condition. This was a 4 pack 2 wide and 2 curved. I gave one set to a friend and kept two for myself. I’ve used both straws several times and they are excellent with no odd tastes or sharp ends. This set also comes with a straw cleaning brush very convenient!! Thanks Greens Steel for making a quality product.

  15. Jean Watson (verified owner)

    Perfect to get us all off plastic straws which I have wanted to do for a while, especially with the kids when we are out. My toddler is very excited about them. I do wish there was a pouch or something to carry them around because they are an awkward size for anything I might have and I don’t love that they just hang out in the diaper bag, but the product itself is solid and worth every penny.

  16. Grace Castillo (verified owner)

    I’ve tried 3 brands so far and this is the only one that doesn’t leave a metallic taste. I wish they had wider diameter straws for smoothies, though.

  17. Rena Duncan (verified owner)

    These were a gift to a straw loving friend who wanted to get away from plastic. These fit into the larger glasses you get at restaurants and the opening in her 21 oz Hydra Flask sipping lid.

  18. Della Banks (verified owner)

    I like these straws so much that I have ordered four sets. They are great to use and they make wonderful gifts. I am so glad that I found them and if you order them you will not be disappointed.

  19. Sean Wolfe (verified owner)

    Straws are very well made and love the cleaning brush the comes with it. Like that there are more then one size so they can be used for different types of drinks. If I need more I will be sure to reorder.

  20. Clifford Lambert (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my husband as a father’s day gift. he loves them!

  21. Gavin Lopez (verified owner)

    Very good metal straws that are long enough for the larger Terris Tumblers.

  22. Bill Chapman

    This product is very nice made. Sturdy and easy to clean.

  23. Justin Shaw (verified owner)

    These are fantastic! I love using them everyday. No more plastic straws. They are so easy to clean with the brush they give you. I have to say that I like the straight straws better than the bent ones.

  24. Manuel Hudson

    Son de calidad y contribuyen al medio ambiente

  25. Ivan Wong

    Love these stainless steel straws. I never have to look for one and and am helping to save the environment. They fit perfectly in my eco friendly tumbler my co. issued to all of us to help reduce paper usage.

  26. Hallie Barnett

    This is the second one I have purchased……One for myself and one for a Christmas Gift !

  27. Pearl Dennis

    Great! Trying to get away from plastic for health reasons and these are a great alternative!

  28. Marian Singleton

    Love the straws but they do have a slight taste to them.

  29. Francis Mendoza

    Nice durable good quality straws. I like drinking out of a straw and I’m getting use to the metal in my mouth. May order silicone tips

  30. Melvin Scott

    Love these easy to clean too. Love how you always have a straw for anything. fast shipping

  31. Grace Stewart (verified owner)

    I have grown tired of seeing junk tossed on our roadways and in our rivers and oceans. It’s crazy the amount of refuse that is discarded on a daily basis in our dump sites. A lot of restaurants and bars are trying to stop from using straws; however, many of us still like to use straws. Therefore, I found the idea of straws that could be reused appealing.

  32. Dollie Waters (verified owner)

    These items are well made and have a nice little pouch so that they can be easily stored in my purse. The pouch includes a brush in order to clean them after use. Hopefully, it will be something that will catch on and rid our planet of unnecessary discards.

  33. Floyd Murray (verified owner)

    These are perfect. Low cost, couple straight, couple bent, cleaning brush included, sturdy carrying bag included (I specifically looked for this, because I want to carry one or two in my purse for eating out). I know some people don’t like the steel feel (they make washable silicone tips for this), but I don’t mind, it just feels a bit heavier.

  34. Marion Powell (verified owner)

    Good deal. I already stopped using plastic straws, but I missed having them at times so I’m glad to have these.

  35. Lucas Baldwin (verified owner)

    Have read so many articles of water animals ending up with plastic straws in their eyes, intestines, it makes me shudder! I remember the “old days” when paper straws were just fine and did the job BUT when I saw these metal straws that I can carry with me and use at will(plus have their own carry bag), I purchased them. These are sturdy, very durable metal. I like that two are “straight” and two are ” bent”- -should satisfy all of our likes and dislikes. Please join me in saving our animals and environment!

  36. Scott Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    Must buy!!! Strong/durable. Sl. narrow straws but do work nicely. Has nice cleaner stick brush included. Slight narrow than standard plastic ones. Wish were few millimeters wider. Happy Overall!

  37. Ollie Thomas

    I mean you get what you see. A little pipe straw. I prefer the straight ones but they’re perfect if you want to reduce your impact a bit. Being four total it’s easy to always have one clean. The little pouch is a nice place to keep the clean and maybe even travel with them. And the pipe cleaner keeps the inside washed better then if you were to just rinse it. Perfect for less plastic waste.

  38. Willie Collins (verified owner)

    I love these straws! They won’t split or break like plastic straws and the included cleaning brush makes clean up a breeze! Replaced the plastic straws that came with these metal tumblers I purchased a couple years ago with these and will be buying more for my toddler granddaughter who seems to break even hard plastic straws.

  39. Clayton Rhodes (verified owner)

    I just joined the subscription daily harvest for smoothies. And I’m so happy to have gotten the straws to drink with my smoothies in the morning. Not only do you help keep the environment clean but you’re also adding to your utensil collection. They are really stylish and it’s a bonus to have the wire brush cleaner which seems to be doing a great job at cleaning out the inside of the Stra I just joined the subscription daily harvest for smoothies. And I’m so happy to have gotten these straws to drink with my smoothies in the morning. Not only do you help keep the environment clean but you’re also adding to your utensil collection. They are really stylish and it’s a bonus to have the wire brush cleaner which seems to be doing a great job at cleaning out the inside of the StraWs

  40. Genevieve Mendez (verified owner)

    Beautiful packagjng and highly recommend for a gift to someone. I really like how easy they are to clean it seems like even fruit smoothies or sticky liquids seem to just slide right off the straw inside and outside when I clean them. I got this for my fiance for Christmas and this was one of his most favorite gifts because he is a weirdo about his drink temperature being just right. My fiance is always sticking his drinks in the freezer to make sure everything stays a certain temperature when he’s drinking it (totally weird quirk, I know..:P) but these straws keep him satisfied with the temperature of his drinks now. We took a tall sized cup, ran it under the faucet to get it wet, placed this saturated cup within our freezer, and placed these straws in the cup. Now he just grabs the straws out of the freezer when he wants to have that icy temperature for any drink. Highly recommend! They stay cold for a long time too..

  41. Bertie Rice (verified owner)

    I initially got these for my hydroflask because my bf drives manual and I can’t drink in the car with it (my hydro does not have a widemouth cap so we couldn’t get those). Anywho, this was such as good deal. Came with 2 normal straight ones and 3 curved ones. I put it in my glove dept. so I can use it for starbucks and whatever. Easy to clean with the little cleaner, but you honestly, shouldn’t leave it anywhere THAT long. If I’m just drinking something primarily liquid I just rinse it w. water, but if I’m drinking a smoothie with pulp or stuff I use the cleaner. It also comes with a little baggie to place all your straws in, how neat right!?

  42. Henrietta Cunningham (verified owner)

    Easy to clean it comes with its own little scrub brush for a quick public clean or a quick deep clean when you get home. When I pull it out it starts a nice conversation about saving the plant and about reusing instead of trashing. I have recommended it to all my friends might even consider buying it for a few as a Christmas gift if they don’t bet me. Just buy it and consider it a small give back to yourself and the community.

  43. Alan Boyd (verified owner)

    Once you get past your potential habit of going teeth first on your straw these will be great to use! Otherwise youll have some tooth pain. I would know. I am all for saving the turtles and this is another way to achieve that. I bought two for myself and my best friends birthday originally, and then another for a friend who was interested in them. They’re only $4 dude! Thats a deal for the most useful and potential tooth pain inducing metal straws youll ever need. I havent had them for very long so Im not sure how long exactly they will last but so far theyve proven durable.

  44. Logan Gonzalez

    These are very nice replacements for plastic straws. I’ve had them for a few weeks now, they clean well, don’t make your drinks taste metallic (don’t affect the flavor at all), and fit in my 16 ounce travel mug. I drink iced coffee with them almost every. Just be careful not to bite them (i know that’s a weird thing to say, but for some reason I used to bite my plastic straws and had a stupid moment forgetting it was metal and tried to bite it… so that was embarrassing lol). While using reusable straws isn’t going to save the planet, it is a nice way to cut down on some of your plastic consumption, and definitely makes me feel classier and a bit better about my environmental impact.

  45. Andre Ellis (verified owner)

    My daughter asked me for a set of stainless steel straws for her birthday after her favorite restaurant switched over to cardboard straws. I ordered these ones because I figured she would like how colorful they are. My daughter loves them wherever she goes. She loves that they fit in her purse and look so cool!

  46. Bess Reed (verified owner)

    My only fault is that they are very long. I might have been dumb and not read where the length was. However, these are perfect if you are steering away from using plastic straws. I take one of each with me and they’re always in my bag because I never know if I’m going to want a drink sometime in the day. The pipe cleaner also helps clean it out very well.

  47. Ivan Bryan (verified owner)

    I prefer to drink from a straw in the summer (no idea why) but they are horrible for the environment. These work so well with my travel mugs and keeping everything cool. PLUS if you use a lot of ice like I do it helps break it up – added bonus.

  48. Bettie Glover (verified owner)

    Love the fact that I’m no longer endangering wildlife by drinking thru a straw! I was worried about tasting a metal taste, but no, there was nothing but whatever I was drinking. Good price for a combination of straight straws and straws with a bend.

  49. Minnie Guzman (verified owner)

    I got these straws as a gift for my mother. She likes to use a lot of plastic straws, and I got these for her to use instead. They are a good way to conserve plastic since they are reusable and won’t end up in the dump after one use. The straws don’t make the liquid taste any different than with a plastic straw. Worth the money!

  50. Madge Dean (verified owner)

    I already had a set of these for myself and bought some for my family and they’re great! Drinking iced coffee through these straws after you put them in the freezer is the best, the bent ones are a little hard to clean though

  51. Francis Castro (verified owner)

    This was a great replacement for the one I lost that came with my tumbler.

  52. Myrtie Willis

    Two curved straws and two straight. It also came with a cleaning kit which is great and very helpful.

  53. Roy Riley (verified owner)

    I loved this product! The straws are great quality and I definitely recommend them. I wish these didn’t come shipped in PLASTIC , people are buying these to avoid that. The bag they came with was broken on the bottom. Other than that there is no problems at all

  54. Gavin Collins

    My daughter loves gold, so we ordered these. I was worried about the color but it has not worn off after weeks of use and washing. She loves using the metal straws for her iced coffee and her water. The straw fits well in the drinking slots of Tervis lids.

  55. Andre Wilkins (verified owner)

    Was looking for straws I could carry with me in my bag. I don’t use single use plastic anything anymore. I love that these came in their own bag and getting 4 is great as I keep 2 in my bag and two at home. Very good value for money!

  56. David Parker

    I love these straws! Packaged well, the straws are made of smooth stainless steel, delivering a chillingly cold drink! Perfect! Sorry I’ve slept on these straws for so long. I’m woke now! For those complaining about the possibility of chipping your tooth on the straw–well, that would hardly be the straw’s fault.

  57. Dylan Underwood (verified owner)

    Got these for my brothers and parents for new their engraved yeti tumblers that I got them for Christmas. They loved them. They’re easy to clean and they come in a nice little carrying sack.

  58. Duane Woods

    So wonderful to have these in my truck and decline plastic straws. Easy-peasy to clean too as they provide the brush. The carry bag is great for stashing them and keeps them clean.

  59. Charlotte Colon (verified owner)

    Not sure how it’ll do cleaning Bender one since the it isn’t seen through and pipe cleaner doesn’t seem to bend easy at that. I am happily using for first time with my iced coffee 🙂

  60. Stella Houston (verified owner)

    This came with a little bristle brush to clean the insides with as well as a little burlap-esque sack to keep them in. Great quality, love having the option to use a straight or a bendy straw.

  61. Cory Olson (verified owner)

    With the banning of plastic straws in the near future in our state, we will use these instead. They are perfect diameter and easy to clean. No taste to them either

  62. Katharine Greene (verified owner)

    Many people I know had not heard about these stainless straws and everyone loves them. These are great for the tall cups, and the drink cools them down so the drink comes out colder.

  63. Christine Murphy (verified owner)

    These are super affordable and easy to clean with the supplied brush. Despite the cheapness, they’re good quality and don’t smell of any bad chemicals or anything. I also haven’t seen and rusting or discoloration of the metal so far.

  64. Amy Rowe

    I have been looking for some for a good price and these won me over. I get many comments about them at restaurants.

  65. Eunice Henry

    Pretty great steal for $3 for 4 straws to help save the environment. I would recommend, buy it for all your friends too.

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