If you are visiting this page, you have already signed up or are going to sign up with our Sustainable Affiliate Program. Congratulations! You are taking a good step for our oceans and our planet. We believe that together we can convert more and more people to follow the #zerowaste movement. Here are some details about our Affiliate program that will guide you to refer your friends and followers (and switch yourself) to Steel My Straws

How It Works –

1. Share your coupon code – You get a personalized coupon code with your brand name (or @Instagram handle). Share this code with your friends, family, and followers! While making a purchase, your referrals can use your coupon code to grab a flat 10% discount on their entire order. A discount is usually all we need to push people to make the switch to reusable straws.

Here is where to enter the discount code during checkout –

2. Share your referral link(s) – You can use a direct referral link instead of your coupon code to point your audience to our reusable straws. Our 30-days cookie policy ensures that every sale referred by you is attributed to you if your referrals buy a straw within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link. Your referral link looks like this – steelmystraws.com/?ref=cc0qmes2rzp.

Benefits and Commissions –

1. Your audience gets a flat 10% discount on top of our already low prices
2. You get a 15% commission on every sale you refer, regardless of the order size

Guest Blogging –

If you own a blog or website, let’s collaborate further! We would love to do guest post exchanges and spread the goodness together. You get link-backs and exposure in our community of awesome, environment-conscious humans. Please get in touch and we will work out an awesome collaboration.

Promotional Material –

1. Library of photos and graphics – We have collected an awesome set of photos, illustrations, graphics and memes of our straws and more. You have access to all our promotional material, for use on your own Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat feed or stories. Here is our promotional library –

2. Custom branding assistance as needed – If you have something special in mind, do not hesitate to get in touch! We have in-house graphic designers who will love to work on your concept and assist you in maximizing your campaign effectiveness.

Sample Products –

If you would like to try our straws, you are welcome! As an affiliate partner, you get a free set of straws from us. Just pay a small USPS First Class shipping fee of $3.49 (in the US). We will send your free sample worldwide for a small shipping cost of $4.99. Anywhere in the world, yes. Our environmental cause allows us to get extremely cheap shipping prices in the US and worldwide. Thanks to our partnerships, buying small orders of reusable straws is no more unviable across the world.

Bulk Orders –

If you have any bulk referrals, such as restaurants and cafes looking to make the switch; our volume pricing starts from $0.79 per straw. Please get in touch for more information on bulk purchases.

The Cause –

We are generating zero profit from our cause but we would love to share everything possible with our Affiliates. We organize free giveaways from time to time whenever we have the funds to do that. We are looking for a long term partnership and for you to recommend Steel My Straws anytime you see someone using plastic straws. Just steel their straws! Our planet will thank you for that.

Facebook Group –

Join our Facebook Group and post any problems during your promotions. We will love to guide and assist you wherever you require to make your campaigns a success.

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