Traffic signs are objects that inform us, advise us and even forbid us to behave in a particular place. As such, the most well-known traffic signs are those related to road traffic.

Yet, there are signs of a singular kind whose usefulness is obvious to all. These are the signboards dedicated to ecology and the environment. If you do not pay attention or do not know much, this article can only enlighten you.

What is an environment panel?

An environmental sign is simply a sign intended for signage relating to respect for nature, fauna and flora, hunting, fishing and, to a certain extent, special signage for winter sports.

This sign is not installed on the road, but its respect and the information it delivers are nonetheless important. The environmental panel, unlike the road sign, is not only for road users. It reaches a wide audience.

What is the typology of the environment panel?

There is a wide variety of environmental panels. The panels in this category are made in various formats: round, rectangle, square. They encourage respect for the environment and nature. These are among others:

  • The “barbecue forbidden” sign;                               
  • The sign “Bees beekeeping attention”;
  • The “swimming prohibited” sign. 

This category also applies to prohibition signs for nature or for hunting such as the “no throw ” sign or the ” prohibited shot ” sign.

You will also find signs that allow certain behaviors in the wild such as signs “keep your dog on a leash”, “fishing allowed”, ” hunting attention in progress ” or “equestrian hike” and even ” nature area “.

The signs listed are just a non-exhaustive list of signs that can be found for nature, hunting, fishing, and the environment.

Recycling and garbage signaling

The management of waste and household waste is one of the major activities that influence our relationship with the environment. Because it concerns us all, it has been planned panels dedicated specifically to this category. We therefore find:

  • Recycle signs: in this sub-category, we find some signs such as “all-comers”, “recycling”, ” glass “, “plastic”, ” green waste “, “medicines” or “tires” to quote only those. Recall that recycling road signs are green on a white background in general. They inform you about the nature of the recyclable object;
  • Deception road signs: they can be both informative or dissuasive. These are the panels “waste”, “vegetable waste”, “entrance dump “, ” defense to deposit garbage ” or “garbage”.

The three categories mentioned above are considered as the fundamental categories in the environment and ecology signage. However, we can add to this non-exhaustive list special signage camping and signage winter sports.

What is a special camping signage?

For camping lovers, the special camping signs allow them to enjoy this activity without harming their immediate environment or nature. As such, this category concerns “compost zone” signs, “garbage cans”, “please turn off your engine while emptying”, ” bonfires and barbecue prohibited “. The special camping signage is very important and is even required of the owners of campsites. These signs regulate life in camping, car parks, swimming pools, and garbage.

What is winter sports signage?

Winter sports are popular during a certain period of the year, and winter resorts have many visits. In order to allow everyone to safely engage in these outdoor activities, attention must be paid to signs. They have a dissuasive and also indicative purpose. These are the signs “attention snowfall”, ” ski and snowboard prohibited “, “XS”, “attention skiers”, “steep slope” “avalanches” or ” snowmobile “.

Why respect a road sign environment and ecology?

These signs are not built for an aesthetic purpose. Their purpose is above all to be a source of communication for users. Placed in parks and other protected natural areas, they are extremely useful for reminding tourists and hikers of the safety instructions relating to the natural environment, but also to wildlife.

It is often said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In the case of environmental signage, the adage makes perfect sense. To highlight the panels, pictograms are used. Symbols representing an idea or a word, the pictograms are displayed on the panels by means of a graphic representation. Concise, simple and especially explicit, the pictogram provides information on the state of a particular location. If you are worried about clumsily increasing your ecological footprint, just read the pictograms.

In addition, it should be noted that in addition to their environmental protection function, the signs also warn us of the danger. The purpose of the danger signage is to warn you of imminent risks or dangers.

Environmental signage helps to better understand your environment in order to better understand the flora and fauna. She plays a big part in the daily actions in ecology. Sometimes playful, the ecological signage makes it possible to sensitize the small ones, but also the big ones on the good gestures to adopt in full nature. Simple messages such as “do not throw paper”, ” water is vital, do not waste it ” are aesthetic information, but the meaning of it is strong enough for everyone to challenge us.

Always in a pedagogical spirit, signage plays an important role in sorting. The very explicit pictograms allow you to properly dispose of your garbage.

Environmental signage accompanies us in our efforts to make the planet better.

Today, many service providers find all the necessary steps to design their environmental panel. For owners of parks or large estates, it is essential to have on its properties environmental signs visible to all.

Be careful not to order panels that do not comply with pre-established environmental standards. These rules appeal to individuals as well as businesses and industries.

Who create the environmental panels?

Environmental signs are not objects to submit to DIY. They are rather tools specially designed by companies. These latest signage experts are empowered to create professional signs.Indeed, different media are used for environmental panels. We have :

  • Komacel panel: this is a type of PVC panel used for outdoor use;
  • The Dibond panel: it is a sandwich panel consisting of two sheets of aluminum alloy with black polyethylene inside. This panel is acclaimed for its high rigidity and resistance to atmospheric agents. This panel is one that has a long life and does not deteriorate in the face of bad weather.

The environment and ecology panel is a panel in general of outside. It must, therefore, guarantee optimal visibility. It comes in different models and serves both to inform, indicate or prohibit. To obtain an environment or ecology panel of good quality, we advise you to require the services of a professional. The latter can produce a correct quote. In the end, to have a panel for the environment and ecology, nothing beats the support of an expert in the field. And, notwithstanding this professionalism, we suggest that you do not omit the message from these panels. He is the most important. A sign must convey a consistent message and be visible. Then choose the right materials. As for all of us who use the environment, we must pay particular attention to these signs that make us aware of and avoid adding to the weight of pollution that our planet suffers.

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